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Juan de Montreal: I have 17 million friends who live with me on my social networks



It is very easy to talk about influencers and see this world as frivolous, a bit easy to live with and even many accuse of «wasting time» or «no job», behind this world there are thousands of hours of learning and many experiences, among They are human and even talents that have been processed by hours of work and studies that allow our character Juan Marcos Giménez, better known as Juan de Montreal, to say that this world belongs to those who work intensely and for long hours in delivery of who their viewers are and As followers at last, they require hope in someone who will get a smile, laugh or finally rewards with a like who works for it for hours condensed only in 30 seconds or a minute.

Juan de Montreal as we will call him is a very loved and appreciated Argentine for this delivery of natural character, he was born on April 30, 1980 in Buenos Aires, as the son of a shepherd he began from a very young age with music and theatrical art making plays and forming music bands in his father’s church, at age 20 he emigrated to the United States, where he began his career as a comedian that would later become based on thousands of hours of dedication as an influencer of the very difficult social networks. . In them he has harvested one of the most greedy figures that any politician, actor and even a movie or television star would want, there are more than 17 million followers that he adds among all his social networks.

His audience, his loves and a passion that fills his life 

Juan is the better half of a beautiful woman who fills his life, Walky Gimenez from that union of love and experiences they procreated a beautiful daughter which they called «Abril Rebbeca», this offspring filled his life with illusions but also with challenges that God put in their lives, Abril was born with special conditions and after a stroke that almost left her in a vegetative state, however faith in God, the love of both and the timely intervention of her doctors did a great job that led her little girl to leave.

In front of so many adversities, a situation that made a dent in her way of thinking about life, integrating her as a protagonist of all the crazy things that Juan de Montreal performs on his social networks.

Juan de Montreal with his beautiful family very full of love and in clear challenge to the example are doing a reality show on their YouTube channel which they called «Montreal Family», a success that also made us think about the project of several productions for the big screen thus venturing into the magical world of cinema which already attracts many followers waiting to see their idol now in this new facet of stardom, Juan is currently writing his first book which is a mystery since we are not He advanced on this new literary project where he ventures.

From Argentina to the whole world 

As a good Argentine, nobody is only a prophet in his land, Juan de Montreal has followers and a wide public in all parts of the world, traveling throughout almost all of Latin America he has gone out taking his show from his Stand Up Comedy, achieving more than 200,000 people who globally they attended to see his show, appearing in large stages such as «El Choli» in Puerto Rico, «El Arena» in Mexico and the Caracas Stadium in Venezuela.

And we put Juan from Montreal sitting on the gallows!

What do you do as part of your professional life today? – I have, he commented very enthusiastically, .- «An Online course where I teach future talents and interested parties to develop the necessary tools in social networks in the best way, I also carry out digital online events either as a comedian doing what I really like. as is my stand up comedy ”, he said with the gaze of an entrepreneur who does not stop producing in his life and his world as a talented businessman the difficult art of confronting social networks and the public in his shows.

Juan commented to us with an assertive and blunt tone; «I chose this path, because I love to make people laugh, bring them a little joy in the middle of sad days, I also enjoy seeing people’s emotions manifest in everything I do,» he said, something that made us excited by so much love and art that is imposed in everything he does in his life.

Conform or make it more complex?

Among the things that make me stand out is that I always seek to innovate, create something different, new and that inspires others, in Tiktok for example; «We grew a lot because we were originally original, I love creating characters that leave a message of our reality, and I use real situations to identify people» he confessed, Juan told us that he has a character called «Krity Kon» alluding to this He has crossed the screen and many people on the street imitate him and even put on the disguise that he uses to personify him, he told us, “It is seeing people identified, and not only that, also my humor is not only for adults, it is so healthy that children, adults and the elderly can enjoy it healthily without the need to fall into other styles that may be considered objectionable «, he said as the people we consulted about his work think.

Advice for those who follow and admire you 

Juan finally tells us in this beautiful hour of conversations and anecdotes; «My advice that always kept me in my career, was always to hold on to the people who love me, also focusing on God, my faith in God never fades, I always seek to give glory to him in everything, because he gave me this opportunity to  be able to enlighten people in the face of so much darkness, I think that if I have the happiness of becoming an old man, I would continue with this essence because it is part of my roots and my life, to give smiles despite how we are ”, he told us in a voice cut by So much emotion that it produces in him living life with such intensity and surrounded by his loves and followers.

How does Juan look in a couple of years?

«I like to enjoy the present, I love surprises and God always surprises me all the time, that is why I am not so structured to think where I see myself in a couple of years, I prefer to be surprised and achieve many more things, it is the only thing I wish and I will work to never lose my humility and the essence of who I am ”Juan de Montreal concluded by saying a unique human being who shines with his own light, but who also knows that this light is accompanied by much more than 17 million lighthouses that illuminate a big world where they share with him their experiences transformed into laughter, joys and examples blessed by God.

Learn more about the life of Juan de Montreal

Touring stages and traveling to take his Stand Comedy, it has been “daily bread”.

My Business: This tax on artistic, comedy, entertainment, also as a speaker and coach of Social Networks.

“April Rebbeca my daughter is a miracle and every day she has her difficulties with her, she feeds on a GTUBE, she does not eat on her own and despite our daily struggle we continue to encourage people, that keeps me grounded. ”.

He is the Argentine influencer with the most followers on tiktok, he is also part of a community of influencers where they are famous such as Marko, Fefi Oliveira, Ignacio Baladan, Beta Mejia, Tiby Camacho, Abelardo, among others

I became known in TIKTOK for making recipes on the internet and without success «I Build A Disaster», his name is «BAMBANG» that name was put by the Indonesians since I went viral in that country.

 Follow him on his social networks like; @juandemontreal   on Instagram Juan De Montreal  on YouTube  juandemontrealoficial on  TikTok  Juan de Montreal  on Facebook    @Juandemontreal on Twitter

And make Juan de Montreal your favorite with his witticisms and example of life for his talent to have fun and be happy with a smile that will always bring you out in hours of healthy relaxation.  By 

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Un italiano es el Rey del baile latino, Luca Cilluffo arrasa en las redes sociales robando corazones a fuerza de baile



Bajo el lema; “La Gente es mi Fuerza”Luca Cilluffo ha demostrado al mundo entero su fuerza como un profesional entregado al baile, sus redes revientan en reproducciones aún más cuando se ha convertido en un modelo a seguir para imitar sus pasos solo o en pareja de ritmos muy movidos del caribe.

Desde los seis años apoyado en todo momento por sus padres, quienes eran apasionados por todos los ritmos y danzas caribeñas, contribuyeron en los primeros pasos en la escena de nuestra estrella, además de darle todo el apoyo para iniciarse, le auparon a participar en concursos en Italia y otras partes del mundo. Luca nació en Milán – Italia, cuenta con 24 años de edad y es del signo Escorpio, posee una extensa carrera que ha transitado desde los 6 años, por ello hoy llega a ustedes en este reportaje especial exclusivo para

Es un influencer nato que llega a millones de personas y que atrapa desde el primer momento en que miran sus vídeos de bailes solo, o en pareja.

Como coreógrafo y bailarín profesional desde su adolescencia se convirtió tras participar en concursos en campeón italiano y mundial en la categoría de bailes caribeños en pareja. Tiene pasión por lo que hace, y su disciplina es la misma consecuencia del amor por lo que hace y convierte en bailes con ritmos contagiosos.

Leímos en un comentario de una admiradora de Luca;

Eres mi magia, mi inspiración, me contagias con solo verte bailar”.

Son cientos de miles de seguidores que admiran el impactante trabajo de esta estrella del baile por su disciplina.

No solo lo hizo en Italia, además comenzó a viajar e impartir sus clases como profesor de baile en Suiza, Turquía, España, Francia, y en 2016 se preparó profesionalmente y comenzó a estudiar otros estilos de bailes entre los que destacan el Afrobeat, Dancehall y House, todos ritmos novedosos que aprendió en una academia en Milán.

Un Luca Cilluffo muy agraciado baila en los eventos de apertura de grandes conciertos de infinidad de afamados artistas mundiales, entre estos; Sean Paul, Manuel Turizo, El Alfa, Romeo Santos, Grupo Extra entre otros tantos.

Junto a Lady Cun Faya empieza a hacer vídeos para la red social Instagram, acaparando la atención de espectadores que convirtieron sus publicaciones en virales, siendo miles de seguidores que Luca logró conquistar gracias a sus movimientos perfectos de baile en estos vídeos, recibiendo elogios nada más y nada menos que de estrellas como Ozuna, J-Balvin, Shakira, Dj. Snake, Anthony Santos entre muchos.

2019 El Comienzo; En este año tras comenzar a ser mucho más reconocido como Maestro profesional de Baile en todo el mundo, fueron varias escuelas italianas y en los Estados Unidos, donde el nuevo fenómeno del baile latino, comenzó a realizar sus giras como pasante, aquí brindaba sus clases magistrales él solo, y junto a la popular Lady Cun Faya.

Todos sus conocimientos los impartió dando clases en Nueva York y Miami, en este momento decide quedarse todo un mes, para formar a bailarines. Sus giras comienzan a convertirlo en un afamado en lugares como Barcelona, Moscú, girando por toda Italia entre el norte y el sur, además de Grecia, Chipre, Turquía, Francia, Reino Unido, y la República Dominicana.En estos extensos recorridos conoce nuevas culturas de baile, y enseña a numerosos talentos alrededor del mundo.

Italy’s Got Talent, una enorme experiencia que le abrió las puertas

Fue un año de brillo en su carrera, esta aparición como competidor en el prestigioso Italy’s Got Talent, participación la realizó en pareja junto a Lady Cun Faya, donde lograron llegar victoriosos a la etapa semifinal del programa de tv con un enorme éxito, aplaudido por la audiencia y por expertos conocedores del jurado y televidentes, quienes quedaron impactados por su gracia y habilidad para los complicados bailes en pareja de estos ritmos tan exigentes.

X- Factor Italy…

En 2016 participa como bailarín en episodios de X-Factor Italy, su participación en el famoso programa le hace valer la confianza necesaria para verse ya comprometido en su decidido mundo del baile y la coreografía en parejas de la cual tanto le hizo valer su fama.

Es en el año 2017 cuando conoció a Lady Cun Faya, con quien inició una formación y exitoso camino de trabajo juntos, esto le ha hecho valer la atención de millones de reproducciones en todas las redes sociales de ambos.

La Pandemia no fue una pausa y fue el comienzo de Somos Cuba

Durante el tiempo que ha permanecido la pandemia del coronavirusLuca, no paró de trabajar, incluso para admiración de muchos, se dedicó a apoyar a las personas en una sana distracción desde casa Online, su afán por continuar sus pasos, fueron vistos por seguidores a través de las redes sociales, entonces procedió a dar clases en línea, llegando a tener más de 100 alumnos recibiendo sus conocimientos como profesor, hoy día ha abierto una escuela en línea llamada Somos Cuba donde cualquiera puede aprender de sus vastos conocimientos.

Cuáles son los límites de Luca?

– Nos respondió; – “Luca no tiene límites”, su entrega en corazón y alma en la pandemia guió a sus seguidores.

Luca posee en su cuenta de la red social Instagram más de 297K de seguidores de todas partes del planeta.

Su perfil en la red social TikTok junto a Lady Cun Faya, tras apenas un año de creado durante la pandemia, arriba a casi 2 millones de seguidores, y hoy cuenta con más de 100 millones de reproducciones en sus vídeos.

Él es un ídolo de la juventud, te invitamos a seguir a Luca Cilluffo en Instagram como; @lucacillufforeal, en Tiktok@lucaelady – @lucacillufforeal, y en YouTube como Luca Cilluffo.

Su mayor sueño es casi una realidad, el inspirar a las personas a través de la danza y el baile, esto es hoy día un hecho que se siente tras observar sus coreografías y pasos en miles de jóvenes que lo ven como un ejemplo en este mundo, la idea es intentar cambiar sus vidas para bien y esto lo logra con mucho tesón al subir diariamente contenido en todas sus redes sociales.

La Pandemia, Un Impulso…

.- “Fue la gente, ella es mi fuerza, – (nos dice), porque cuando te dicen que gracias a mi vídeo les hice el día mejor, o que empezarán a estudiar danza gracias a mí, eso no tiene precio”, respondió finalmente nuestro ídolo del baile para las nuevas generaciones de admiradores y seguidores. 



Por: Juan Carlos Colina – Fotos: Cortesía

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Living in Dubai is the option to invest in the dream place and in the best country, Range finds your perfect place
Enjoy the Free Concierge Service that allows to their clients to explore and compare properties on the market



Range your best option

There are many options in the real estate market, we decided to compare services, options, sales ranges, personalized attention, number of trained personnel at our service, and after this comparison, only Range experts convinced us, they are a trained group that innovates in the real estate activity with excellent presence and market results, they put all the alternatives to choose in the hands of their clients, offering confidence and personalized attention that is expressed in this phrase that they profess; Those who run Range affirmed us; «Honesty and loyalty are our key traits, before, during and after the deal.»

Why live or work in the UAE?

After an enormous effort that has generated growth and sustainable progress through the work that His Highness the SheikhHamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has managed to transform Dubai into a smart and futuristic city, and among other resilient characteristic, where many people from all over the world in search of peace and progress have decided to invest to work and live in this wonderful country, turning dreams into reality.

It is important that your investment is made only in expert and above all responsible hands, which is why we mention Range, where you will find offers of property purchase, sale and lease services, always thinking of the benefit of highly satisfied customers.

With a smile, we close a deal”, Range as an organization whose philosophy is focused on optimal customer service, has as its main objective special attention, making a difference in people’s lives. Their goal is to offer a service that is unlike any other, making their customers smile is very important, thus providing an unforgettable customer experience.

#ServingSmiles… They run a successful campaign which they have baptized as #ServingSmiles, where smiles do not escape their advisors, providing clients with unique attention and with the results of happiness when finding where to make their investment with pleasant moments of attention.

When talking with them we managed to get them to tell us a phrase that contained what their dealings with customers meant, they told us this; “We always tell our clients that they have an excellent option to create the life of their dreams if they are clear about what they really love, whether it is their career, family or the house of their dreams”.

Range offers you; A memorable experience as a company that you will recommend, together with expert personalized real estate advisors you will be able to enjoy this;

Ø – Spend A Day with Range, which is a Free Concierge Service that allows its clients to explore and compare properties on the market, and helps them choose the best option for them.

Ø – Residential and commercial sales and leasing.

Ø – Sales Off-Plan.

Nobody in Dubai knows what you’re looking for more than Range…

Because they are experts in the real estate industry in the United Arab Emirates, if you choose them as your advisor you will be able to share the #ServingSmiles, and thus explore with the Range team the services that we show you here;

Ø – «We know Dubai; inside and outside, our sales agents know the best communities and genuinely suggest those that best suit the client’s lifestyle».

Ø – Exceptional customer service: «We help clients compare and find the best properties».

Ø – «We are one of the few companies recommended by the main developers in Dubai».

Ø – «We are completely honest and loyal to all our clients before, during and after any deal».

If you look at all the options that are offered, you will find it very difficult to find them anywhere else, because they offer a service for those who cannot waste time, and they focus on your real estate buying or selling needs.


We close with this quote from the Range team:

At Range, we don’t just focus on property sales; customer service means a great challenge for us. Honesty and loyalty are our key traits, before, during and after the deal».


Visit their social networks, you can find them like; @range.dxb, or on their website, CLICK HERE and appreciate all its benefits.

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The influencer Malik “Lekeyzer”: 200 thousand daily views on his social networks, see the reason for his success



He is Malik, «Lekey or Lekeyzer«, we know him through his influence on social networks where he especially attracts attention on the Snapchat social network, he is a nice young man of Algerian origin, born in the city of Roubaix, north of France, his drastic success in social networks is due to a constant dedication, and in his life his professional training, which is due to being a successful former producer and manager. Currently Malik has made a name for himself, where he captures his thousands of followers through inspiring messages, jokes and sharing his trips, meals, in emblematic places of spectacular cities such as Los Angeles, Miami and Dubai, this being last city where he currently lives.

More than 200 thousand daily views…

Malik, barely 29 years old, stands out as the French influencer who adds nothing more and nothing less than more than 200,000 daily views on his different social network accounts, where he shares his life, fame, meetings, aspirations and also wise inspiring advice, today after a significant number of followers affirm that this 2022 we should expect surprises and much more from him.

Determination and perseverance make this inspiring young man visible, with the ambition to literally take over the world for his daily activities as an influencer. Malik is currently preparing a big project that comes with everything from beautiful Dubai.

How? Malik in privacy…

We are going to get to know a little about our restless interviewee, we can only affirm that his personality is that of a natural being, very attractive due to his image, and besides, he always radiates enthusiasm.

What are the hobbies you do most in your free time?

«I shelter and take refuge a lot in music and reading, my trips help me to get to know other wonderful places on the planet, I deeply love cinema, which is undoubtedly one of my best hobbies and which I enjoy to the fullest», he said.

What does Malik do from the moment he wakes up in the morning?

«I give thanks to God for granting me each new day, life must be lived, be grateful, because it is very beautiful and the universe must be appreciated as part of what surrounds us», this intelligent inspiring young man told us.

Your favorite food?

Without thinking about it too much, he told us; – «The lasagna», as a profuse lover of this Italian food dish.

Malik’s next target?

«Succeed in my field», which denotes his exclusive focus on dedicating himself extensively to what today allows him to contact millions of people through his messages on social networks.

We wanted to ask Malik about his advice to people starting out in the competitive world of influencers.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the difficult art of being an influencer?

– «Be yourself and be natural». What made it clear that his success is due to being simply authentic and latent in nature, of those people who do not require scripts or scriptwriters, there are no producers in their activities other than life itself, the one that makes him a normal boy but inspired by the steps he takes every day on his journey around the world.

How do you see yourself in the future in a few years?

– «I aspire to a stable financial situation, I wish with great enthusiasm to have a wife and children», is a life aspiration for this nice and attractive inspiring young man.

How does Malik approach his life?

-«In a very important way, the facts must be lived with intensity», he confessed to our editor.


For Malik, Thailand is a beautiful Asian destination that is in his plans, but also the Maldives, this is another beautiful destination that is in his mind and that he must visit in the very near future, he told us.

His favorite entertainment…

What is your favorite movie or series?

– “My favorite series is Breaking Bad and The Wire, because I like their stories too much”, he said with certainty.

Public figure would you like to meet?

– “Will Smith”, the man of the moment after the events of the Oscars, this outstanding Hollywood actor, is the public figure with whom he would like to shake hands with him.

The phrase…

«Always go up, never go down».

Malik «Lekeyzer»

Tell us five things you still have to accomplish in life…

1. Get married,

2. Have children,

3. Return to travel,

4. Buy a house,

5. Always help the less fortunate.

Who has inspired you in your life?

– «My parents, only they, are my example.»

If you were given the opportunity to change the world, what do you think should be done?

– «Only honest leaders are needed, nothing more», he answered with great certainty.

So far we have come to meet this impressive human being, follow him and discover his expressions such as Hip Hop Culture and Rap among others, through his social networks, such as; @Lekeyzer.

Journalist: Juan Carlos Colina

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